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A new adventure

This is a new adventure for me and, if you have just had a baby, this is a new adventure for you too!

Starting something new is exciting, hard, rewarding, demanding and sometimes we can feel like we are failing before we've even started. For me, as I take on this new adventure my main moto is to be gentle on myself. I can't get anywhere if I am giving myself criticism all the time; that just serves to make me feel bad about myself, feel like a failure, an give up before I've even started.

Plans are great, but "stuff" gets in the way all the time. Sometimes this enhances our plans, takes them to another level, but other times it can feel that the world is plotting against you. When Covid hit I was not on the path I am now. It is possible I wouldn't have got here. The ways we have all had to adapt to a more sheltered way of living has closed and opened doors. The door which opened for me, as I have pondered how I can keep earning a living teaching baby classes, is that I have found some training, the first ever time the course has been run, which will enable me to not only enhance the teaching I already do, but also give me an opportunity to extend my business and reach more people with my passions.

I am likely to fail along the way. Not fail completely, but have set backs, struggles and doubts. Like any new adventure the way forward is to push through, reflect on what went wrong, what I can learn and (hopefully) discover a better way. Through failure comes strength and through strength comes success. However much we think we know, only by failing do we discover what we have yet to learn.

Onwards and upwards, the adventure starts here.

The way forward

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